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AlphaGate MKII

Robust materials, a carefully considered design and exceptional performance are the main characteristics of Alphagate MKII. The gate has successfully passed a number of function tests, meets all performance and technology targets and continues to deliver long after the end of its expected service life.

It is a really reliable gate that will be of great benefit in all busy entrances and exits in a store. Choose the color and gate arm to create a unique gate that matches your store environment.

Full Height Automated Turnstile

Best full height turnstile in the industry. For over 30 years this full height turnstile has been America's most specified and used maximum security full height turnstile. Simply put, no other product comes close to the quality and performance of this turnstile.

Powder Coated Emergency Gate

Strong and durable steel emergency gate with panic alarm.

Powder Coated Employee Gate

Made of steel, these are the most durable gates you will find in the industry. We use the highest grade locks and knobs to last a long time under the harsh conditions of a retail store entrance. These gates are made to last.

Powder Coated Railing

Strong and durable railing made of welded steel. Railing is cutom made by Garda Construction to fit whatever design fits the space desired. Railing is powder coated for a professional and durable finish.


An ideal turnstile for loss prevention in retail stores

This is a four-arm turnstile that provides entry access and pedestrian directional control in public environments. The curved arm design provides an impediment to pedestrians attempting to duck under the turnstile arms in the wrong direction. The turnstile rotates in one direction in either the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

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